Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why a blog?

    So why a blog?  What's different about Matthiasson that warrants your attention? Honestly, to us, it seems that what we do is just regular life stuff....dragging our kids out of bed in the morning and hurrying them to get ready for school; struggling to keep up with paperwork and emails; driving kids around after school to soccer, choir, Tae Kwon Do, etc; nagging the kids to do homework and get to bed; and then falling into bed each night after a long, busy day.... not all that interesting.
    That's our day....but not everyday....There's being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of the sheep clodding around on the front porch, rising early Saturday mornings to sell fruit at the farmers' market; collecting eggs and closing up the chicken house late at night so the coyotes don't get them. And most of Steve's days are filled by visiting many of the vineyards all throughout Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties to diagnose problems and come up with solutions; tasting the wine made from those vineyards in the constant pursuit of improving wine quality, and ending his days swinging by our winery to check on our own wine. 
   And the meals that we eat... breakfast with homemade scones filled with lemon curd made from our own lemons and eggs, lunches with pickled veggies from the garden, and dinners with sausages made from the pesky lambs that woke us up late at night. 
   And, lest we forget, the wines we drink...wines we've traded with our winemaker friends, wines we try from all over the world to explore what the possibilities are, and, of course, our very own MATTHIASSON wines, made with the care and attention that we pay to every aspect of our lives. 
   We welcome you to share with us on our journey...two co-dependant foodies (Steve+Jill), one winemaker/viticulturalist in search of excellence (Steve), one mom wanting the tastiest, healthiest food for her family (Jill), and two very sweet boys (Harry & Kai).

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