Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Sensuous Fig

The fig tree is the symbol of abundance, of fertility, and of sweetness in several cultures. The edible fig is one of the first plants that was cultivated by humans and it figures in the founding of many cultures and religions. The first California figs were planted in 1769 in the gardens of the mission at San Diego, and are known as "Mission" figs. 

One of the many treasures on our property is the Mission fig tree. But like many other things we discovered when we bought this "fixer upper" property (house, vineyard, barn, etc.), the fig tree had been long neglected and was in need of Steve's green thumb. 

After a couples years of love and care, we started to get some great tasting figs. And this year, when our grapes, peaches, and plums all produced a much smaller crop than usual, we got a bumper crop of figs! We picked about 30 pounds of figs this weekend from one tree. We're turning those yummy and VERY perishable figs into Fig Jam. And FYI, the Fig Jam, as well as many of our other jams, jellies, butters, vinegar, etc, are available if you join our Wine Club.

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