Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ode to Jasmine

Soon after we adopted Jasmine,
the three became best friends
When our boys were young, they were petrified of dogs. Harry had a bad experience at a park that was the source of that fear, and he seemed to pass his fear along to Kai.

When we were getting closer to buying our property, we knew we wanted a farm dog, but it had to be the right dog; one the boys wouldn’t be afraid of.  That dog was Jasmine. She belonged to the people renting the house that we now live in. Every time we visited the property, while still in escrow, Jasmine would be there to greet us. The kids fell in love with her instantly and we kept saying that we wanted to find a dog just like Jasmine.

When we were about to move to the property, the people renting the house couldn’t find another rental that would allow dogs, and asked us if we wanted to adopt Jasmine…..not only did we get a dog just like Jasmine, we got Jasmine!

Formally a strong swimmer, she was too weak
to make it across the river so Steve had to give her a ride
Jasmine quickly became part of our family. She watched out for the boys when they would go for adventures….We always knew where they were because we could here her barking, and she’d be with them. And we knew that if something ever happened to the boys, Jasmine would come and tell us.

We are very sad that she is no longer with us and we miss her very much. She lived a very long, happy life.

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